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I want to record a live event thru a 3.5mm cable from the str out of a mixer.
I just noticed that the file is set as a mono wav.
Is there a way to change that to stereo?
Also, is there a file size limit? It will be about 2 hours.
Lastly, if either there is a limit or it can only be mono, will iriver's firmware be better in this case? (such as mp3, in terms of how much I can record, not in terms of quality. I'd rather have something that is hardly a "low quality" than something that is high quality but with a break in the middle of it)


I think this will answer your questions:

ah, so even though it says "mono" it is stereo?

errr... where does it say 'mono'?

Rockbox records in stereo (through line-in and optical) and saves stereo WAV files, it automatically splits (without dropping a single sample) into multiple files if the 2GB limit is reached.

If you have a version that records mono, please post it as it's an unimplemented feature that's been requested here ;)

too lazy to upload the firmware
but here are the screendumps

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