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Advice for getting CF card to work in Gigabeat S


Any advice on how to install a CF card into a Gigabeat S? I've tried several disk cloning methods to no avail. I've got a ZIF adapter board that seems to be working but no matter what I do I get the contact manufacturer errors on boot of the gigabeat.

I've never gotten it to work either on an S.  (still own one, as well as a Zune 30 which is the S's cousin.  Same problem).

Not sure if I've ever tried an iFlash on my S. But I have several knockoff cards and even an mSATA / m.2 ZIF adapter and none of them work for S or the Zune 30.  Only HDD change that has ever worked for me are those ZIF SSD's like the Kingspec, but those aren't cheap.

Zune, Gigabeat V, Gigabeat S all the same in that respect.  Gigabeat X (which I actively use) mostly does not work except the mSATA / M.2 but battery life is quite bad with Rockbox and couldn't find  way to fix that so ended up using a Super Talent SSD.

The winner here is actually the F.  That thing seems to take everything like a champ.

I appreciate the reply, unfortunately FM radio is a big requirement for me, hence why my F-model is probably going to get sold :)


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