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Klangtop k-183

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--- Quote from: damqnski on September 01, 2019, 03:40:44 PM ---Before it totally died I had it working with sansa clip+ firmware and it was okay, just some of the buttons worked differently.
Do you know a way to install the firmware (*.hex) to the player? Any software for that purpose?
Thank you!
Btw I tried Media player upgrade tool and Audio Product tool, but they only work with *.bin files and won't even load the *.bin files of sandisk.

--- End quote ---

Wait, what?
You had it actually working with Clip+ firmware??
I'm extremely incredulous especially if it says ATJ2127

oops! my mistake. I had it working with sandisk jam, but the keys were messed up. couldn't volume up, but it was still working.

So you put the Firmware from a Sandisk Clip Jam on there?

We don't support these devices because they are too anemic to run Rockbox

[We] don't know the format of the updater
I'd venture to say [we] don't care either..

Sorry, you are unlikely to get any help because [we] just don't know


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