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Hello, guys. I got this player and I thought it was the same as Sansa Clip + so I tried to install rockbox and after a few tries I ended up bricking the thing. Won't turn on won't connect to pc - completely dead. After digging for a few hours I managed to format it somehow and now it's called sweetpea. Now I can see it as a disk, but still won't turn on. I opened it and I saw it says ATJ2127 on the processor and I guess it will work if I can somehow install a Sandisk Jam or Sport(plus) firmware on it. Any idea how can I do that?
Your help will be very appreciated and I am really sorry if this is the wrong subforum!

I don't own the device but I wouldn't even attempt a Sandisk firmware on it (let alone Rockbox), you should just try to get it back to its own firmware.

Since you have disk mode available would suggest looking for an official firmware update for the device.  If it goes into the root of the disk you might be able to get away with dropping those files there, rebooting the device and it might get you back to where you started.

Again I don't own this device but certain players like the Cowon D2 are like this where you can get back to a working firmware, as long as you have disk mode access.

Before it totally died I had it working with sansa clip+ firmware and it was okay, just some of the buttons worked differently.
Do you know a way to install the firmware (*.hex) to the player? Any software for that purpose?
Thank you!
Btw I tried Media player upgrade tool and Audio Product tool, but they only work with *.bin files and won't even load the *.bin files of sandisk.

The clip+ firmware will not work on your device. They use types of CPUs. Usually you are stuck with whatever firmware a device came with unless the same hardware gets rebranded into multiple different devices. I don't recommend trying to flash random files to your player.

At the moment I am stuck with an unusable device. So I am willing to take the risk.
If you have any idea how to get it flashed on the device I will be very grateful!


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