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Here we go!
Rockbox for the FiiO M3K is available on my site:

- Based on the stock FW v1.3.0 (which has also been optimized for speed and memory usage).
- It is flashed like a regular firmware (...and rolls back also).
- Almost everything works, but minor bugs will be fixed over time.

You should install it as regular update:

(and please consider a donation for me or/and rb team if You'd like it).

P.S. source code will available later, when all settle a bit.

Cool just making sure, this will be my first rockbox device so I'm brand new to this. I'll probably wait till it gets ironed out a little more, just one question though, how is the scrolling? I'm at 13000 tracks and it's torture scrolling through long lists on this thing

Rockbox does an incremental speed-up as you go through a list with the button held down

Thanks. Installed easily. Works great. So much more info on the while playing screen! Will the FiiO X1genII be next?


--- Quote ---Will the FiiO X1genII be next?
--- End quote ---
Not from me, sorry. FiiO M5 probably be next...

Rockbox build 50ef6fe-190905 for FiiO M3K has been released:

- Fixed clicks during track change;
- Rockbox sample rate limitation (44.1KHz) has been removed!
  Now we can play files with native sample rate up to 192KHz.
  (Go to Settings -> Playback settings -> Frequency and choose Automatic).

Download from my site:
Update instructions:


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