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Sansa E250 (Slow, Unresponsive, Key Click) v 3.14


Has anyone also had slow, unresponsive key response on their E200 Sansa's with ver. 3.14 RockBox?
I have 2 Sansa E250 players and both exhibit this annoying behavior.  Occasionally they won't even Power Off while holding the Power button. 

I've tried multiple fresh re-installs to no avail.

Yesterday I manually downgraded one of them with ver. 3.0 and it seems to have helped a bit, but I want to know the proper way to downgrade/install an Archived older ver. of RockBox.

Should the previous RB be completely Uninstalled along with the Bootloader or...?

Thank you for any help!

the bootloader is fine like it is as far as the firmware just rename or delete the .rockbox folder on the device
and copy the new install to the device

does 3.13 exhibit the same behavior? why go all the way back to 3.0?

Yes, 3.13 does the same thing...
Maybe it's a database issue...?

It's almost as if the Forward, Reverse, and Pause buttons are inop.

OK...I think renaming the .rockbox dir, and extracting 3.0 to a new .rockbox dir  seemed to fix all the issues.
It also seemed to fix the Crossfade mode that I couldn't seem to get to work as before...  :)

I'll attempt to upgrade it to the latest 3.14 ver. in a bit to see if the problem returns.

Thanks for the tip!


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