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what determines the text colour of the intermediate level menus?

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For example, if you select "files" from the main menu, you first see a menu of the top level directory names.   Once you've drilled down through the menus you see the list of files.  Now the list of files appears using the foreground colour that has been set, either in the theme or via the colours menu.  But the folders/directories list seems to appear in a random colour, not the chosen foreground colour, and I can't see where this colour is set.  Often it's a low-contrast colour, like dark blue when the background is black and the foreground is set to white.

Same thing arises when selecting themes from the settings/themes menu.

Am I missing something obvious?  How does one set this colour, either within a theme config or elsewhere?

Edit - this doesn't seem to happen on the simulator, only on an actual ipod.  On a simulator those mid-level menus use the correct foreground colour.   I don't get what's going on.

there are some funky things that happen when you invert colors
assuming rgb-24 bit rgb-32bit and get rgb-16bit or visa versa might be the case
of some bad inversion logic

IIRC you can change the item selection to an arrow> does that make them display right?
Settings>Them Settings>Selector?


--- Quote from: Bilgus on August 10, 2019, 05:38:07 AM ---IIRC you can change the item selection to an arrow> does that make them display right?
Settings>Them Settings>Selector?

--- End quote ---

No, that doesn't change it - the arrow is visible (and always green) but the actual text of each menu item remains very dark green or very dark blue - so not very visible when the background is dark.  It's not the inversion effect because it's an issue with the entire menu, not just the currently selected line.

Really no idea what is happening, as I say it works correctly for the bottom-level of the directory tree when you actually see the file names, it's only the intermediate level, when you see the folder names, where the foreground colours are not set correctly.

OK, now found it works correctly on some ipods but not others.  Now completely confused.  Maybe there's some rockbox corruption on the problematic ones...or maybe there's a hidden 'setting' that has gotten set somewhere.  Have noticed this glitch intermittently for some time.  Guess I need to narrow down when it happens.

I think it depends whether you have previously chosen a theme that has a *.colours file.  The intermediate level menu colours get set by that file, while the lowest level menu uses the setting from the foreground colour.  Once you change to another theme that lacks a *.colours file you can't set those colours directly through the menu system.

Picking 'reset colors' from the theme menu has inconsistent results.  Firstly it resets the colours you didn't want to change, and secondly it has odd effects on those intermediate menu colours - e.g. turning them from dark green to dark blue.

Are those intermediate level file browser menus supposed to use different text colour from the 'foreground colour' as set?  This is confusing.


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