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You should install it as regular update:
There are several minor issues, they will be fixed in the next version. Nothing serious.

I got it installed and its working pretty great, gotta say i absolutely love rockbox. only 2 errors so far, both errors on bus (one said 10 i believe and the other 11), first one happened when i tried to open my library before scanning the database, the second happened when listening to music and going through the plugins menu. Hope this helps!

Edit: also just noticed there doesnt seem to be a way to lock the screen with the physical screen lock button

Depends on which theme. Cabbie has the lock feature. Hold on /off button for 3 seconds to lock or unlock. Updated version available now through link in Rockbox general discussion forum.

So I've used it for a few days now and here's the bugs I've encountered.

The worst is that I can no longer boot into the stock OS, it just freezes up after I select fiio music.
It also is completely off on the battery level, it'll be at 0 for a while but stay on, or say 30 then jump to 17 when I plug it in.
It also seems to have a problem keeping setting changes.
Also still experiencing crashes when loading large lists in file view.

Hi, thanks for the port - good job.
I found one bug, however.  The left-right balance does not work for me. Volume in both headphones is turned down instead of just one side.
I would also like to ask if it is possible to make the volume control work even when the keys are locked.
Thanks for the reply.


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