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--- Quote from: Thew on May 06, 2024, 11:03:02 AM ---I'm running:
ver. b309fae2bc-220317

--- End quote ---

Thanks for that, hopefully this info helps laxesandz rule out a version issue.

Just came in to say THANKS to the devs that ported rockbox to the m3k. I bought a resale unit in aliexpress just to be able to return to rockbox. After the last of my clips died years ago, I tried the Fiio M5, same ingenic MPU, great format for jogging, great sound and battery life but terrible terrible terrible firmware, and unfortunately rockbox never made it to it.

The M3K took an hour to setup and now after many years I can now properly browse my 30000 song collection (.ogg, properly tagged to my liking), build and manage playlists easily.

Anyways, in case this helps someone, here's how I quickly got rockbox up and running and how I set it up, from a linux desktop.

  - Install the bootloader using a web tool - for this you can either deal with udev permissions to allow the browser to access the device via USB or you can take the express route I took, running chrome as root just for this; this assumes you are using Xorg (not wayland)
    > xhost +
    > sudo google-chrome --no-sandbox --user-data-dir
      browse to:
      and follow the instructions.
    - once the bootloader is running in the device, with the device still tethered, select in the device "USB Mode" which will expose the M3K SDcard filesystem to the linux desktop. You can then just copy the latest M3K daily build (.rockbox directory), and your chosen theme/s
       M3K daily build:
       Theme that works great in this device: nightpod:

   > shutdown and power on the device, it should boot directly to rockbox.
   > Post-install tweaks:
      - Settings > Sound: limit volume to 0db
      - Settings > General Settings > Display > LCD Settings > Backlight Exemptions
        - set to Enabled (no need for any other change on Backlight exemption)
      - Settings > General Settings > Display > LCD Settings > Backlight On Lock
        - set to Off if you prefer to turn off the display when pressing the "lock" button (on/off button short-press)
      - Settings >General Settings >System >Advanced Keylock
        - set to Enabled; in Settings, turn on:
          - Autolock ON, Always Autolock, Disable Locked Reminders, Disable All Lock Notifications


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