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Hi All, can someone please repost Vortex's build here! I want to install it again and check a couple of things


--- Quote from: Richie325 on November 21, 2023, 04:56:50 PM ---please repost Vortex's build here
--- End quote ---
I have only triple boot firmware with XVortex build, OF and native RB bootloader. It's outdated and can revert your latest RB bootloader version. To boot in XVrortex build just use Vol+ and Power.
Found his original build (*.fw) and extracted Rockbox build (taken from *.fw)
The theme from his build posted here,52917.msg248809.html#msg248809

Hello! In the DAC settings, there is save battery and sharp fiter. But it seems to discharge faster than on the official firmware. Is it possible to reduce the discharge somehow?

I don't use the official firmware, so... I only have general advice. The DAC power setting has a marginal effect on battery life. I haven't measured it, but going by the datasheet it's roughly a 2 mA difference between "high" and "low" power. At any rate it's small enough to not be very noticeable. The backlight and button light can consume a lot of power, so you can try reducing the brightness.

The codec you use will also affect battery life. Eg. Opus is CPU-intensive and will consume more power, but lossless codecs can also do that because they keep the SD card busy more often.

You can check the debug menu to see how much power you're actually using: View HW info > Power stats. I_dchg is the battery discharge current.

Thank you for the answer.


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