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thank you! to switch from XVortex to rockbox how do i do? do i have to uninstall xvortex? or is there a particular procedure?

You can install over top of the XVortex firmware, or any other FiiO firmware version. The native port of Rockbox doesn't depend on or interact with the original firmware whatsoever.

Dual booting the original FiiO firmware with Rockbox is now supported. Download links for the updated bootloader are at the installation thread as usual.

I'm sure everyone who likes the USB DAC feature will appreciate this.

Great job, it works very well.

Remarkable to see how long it takes the original firmware to get to the main menu. I cannot imagine I will be in the OF often, but it is great to have the option.

Also the tapping on the top/bottom of the middle part of the touchpad in Rockbox to go up/down is something I immediately miss in the OF. The scrolling in the OF is really annoying.

Very nice! Though I'd also add an option to boot original FW to recovery menu.


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