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I Updated the M3k firmware to 1.4.3 and now I can't get rockbox to work?

Thanks, Great Port.

I have a question.

Fiio m3k Rockbox provide USB support?

Im new en Rocbox and not found howto transfer file usb.


Hi XVortex,

Are there any plans to further update the firmware for the M3k?

I posted a few issues and suggestions in these messages,52952.msg245026.html#msg245026,52952.msg245080.html#msg245080

I would love to know if you plan to address any of those in the future.

Thanks again for bringing Rockbox to this player.

I was excited to find a rockbox port for my brand new Fiio M3k.  The stock firmware lacks features I've become used to on my old (now dead) SanDisk Clip+ which ran rockbox.  So first of all, thanks very much for doing this!!!

I do have one question, though.  Fast Forward and Rewind don't work - pressing/holding the buttons just makes the screen flash rapidly - and I was wondering if there was something I could do to fix it.  Maybe revert to an earlier version or play with the settings somehow?  Since I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts and often find myself rewinding/relistening, or fast fowarding past boring parts (or advertising), lack of FF/RW is a big deal for me.

I found other reports of FF/RW not working on this forum - someone suggested changing FF/RW Accel to "Very fast", which I did, but it had no effect.  For now I have changed "skip length" from "skip track" to "30s", but that's really irritating when I'm listening to music and want to skip a song/track.

Any advice?

Specifics: Fiio M3K, originally with stock firmware 1.4.3, now with the latest M3K rockbox version (also 1.4.3).


--- Quote from: XVortex on September 01, 2019, 12:10:54 PM ---Here we go!
Rockbox for the FiiO M3K is available on my site:

P.S. source code will available later, when all settle a bit.

--- End quote ---

It's been well over six months since you posted that initial version; Have things settled sufficiently for you to toss the source code our way?  I'd love to get this integrated into the mainline.


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