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Gonna start a thread for the fiio m3k (not m3)

So far this is what I was able to gather on what's inside the player.

SoC: Ingenic X1000e
OS: Custom (linux-based)
Power management IC: AXP192
Screen: 2.0 inch IPS TFT 240×320

Until I can figure out how I can disassemble the unit safely the pcb scans have to wait I guess...
Can't really help out on the software side of things as I'm only familiar with C++.

This is where the firmware updater (and other firmware versions of the player) is located

will update this thread on further findings

I think it's possible

It’s coming...,

Fiio M3K New Port Thread

Fiio M3K General Discussion

Here we go!
Rockbox for the FiiO M3K is available on my site:

- Based on the stock FW v1.3.0 (which has also been optimized for speed and memory usage).
- It is flashed like a regular firmware (...and rolls back also).
- Almost everything works, but minor bugs will be fixed over time.

(and please consider a donation for me or/and rb team if You'd like it).

P.S. source code will available later, when all settle a bit.

Awesome work! How does one go about installing this on the player? What bugs have you noticed?


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