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Xduoo X20 anybody working on it?

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Vortex has a working version here but I wonder if anybody was working on it on these forum.
A search showed no results for the X20


I've just finished getting the xvortex source dump integrated into mainline rockbox, but need someone willing to test the builds before it can get merged.  Please PM me if you're interested.

As a general FYI, the X3ii and X20 targets are fully integrated into the mainline and as of this morning, part of the daily build set.

As an added bonus we can also automagically patch the stock factory images (but only on Linux).

I still need to write up a proper wiki page for these targets with instructions and some pre-patched firmware images.

FYI, I finally uploaded a current build of the X3ii and X20 bootloaders and binary patches that will update the stock firmware images.

See the installation instructions here:

And as of this afternoon, the Rockbox Utility has full support for the xDuoo X20.

If someone could get me the USB VID/PID of the X20 (from within the OF), that would be quite helpful.


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