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This port is old news by now, but I've decided to give it a new topic because I'd like to actually merge it this time around.

As you might know, I've been working sporadically on a port of Wolfenstein 3-D ( to run on the Rockbox SDL runtime (old screenshots attached). I'm posting for a couple of reasons. First, I'd like to get the port tested on some more targets. As always, just ask and I should be able to provide a build.

More importantly, there are some licensing issues that I'd like cleared up before proceeding to merge the patch (this same question has been cross-posted to the -dev mailing list). The license of the original Wolfenstein 3-D source code itself is unclear. Id software officially released the code under a custom, restrictive license. However, over the years, various source ports claim that it is GPL compatible (see, for example), and I think it's doubtful that id would waste their time chasing down infringing users of a 27-year old game.

That leads to the question of whether or not we should (whatever that might mean) include my port in master. Thoughts?

The license here doesn't appear to be GPL compatible.

OTOH, there's this browser version here which was uploaded to Github 2 years later, which is explicitly GPL:

I'm fairly certain the browser version shares no code with the original.

I did come across this page, which claims that the original is GPL-licensed:

That page points out that Doom (which we currently distribute) was never "officially" announced as GPL, and it looks like Debian has marked Wolf4SDL (the same source port I used) as GPL, with backing from John Carmack himself:

So it appears that we *should* be fine.

I was just bringing up the browser engine as an example that suggests that they aren't fundamentally opposed to a GPL engine for Wolfenstein 3d. 

If this is substantially the same situation as Doom then I don't have any objections, and if Debian is treating it as GPL that seems like a pretty good precedent.

Can you make a build for iBasso DX50?


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