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Sansa Clip+: I have somehow managed to disable the screen.


Today I have installed Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+ I've had for a few years now.
The installation went smoothly and it seemed to operate noticeably faster then before.
I went into the settings to reduce brightness of the display (I dislike bright screens), but I accidentally got to the screen timeout menu.
I scrolled up and I think I landed on an option called something like "no display" and then hit the home button.
...and now I have no display.
I have restarted the device, and the Rockbox logo pops up, but then it fades to black instantly.
I have attempted to re-flash the device (without re-doing the booter) to no avail.
Is there a way to reset the device, or maybe blindly reenable the screen?

connect to pc delete config.cfg from .rockbox directory
or delete whole .rockbox directory and re-install


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