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NW-S754 Bootloader not installed


I have NW-S754. (Not NWZ)

To use ROCKBOX I want to install Bootloader, but it doesn't work.

  scsitool-nwz-v23.exe H: do_fw_upgrade

After installing using the command, firmware update Screen will be displayed,
but the original screen will be returned without completing the firmware installation.

Please tell me the possible measures.

This isn't listed as a supported player.  Can you point me to what instructions you are following?

Is "H" really the mount point of the player?

I have the same problem with NWZ-S764.

The information from

--- Quote ---For example the NW-E060/NW-S760/NW-A860/NWZ-S760/NWZ-A860 series all share the same hardware and the NWZ-A864/5/7 are in the NWZ-A860 family.
--- End quote ---
So I am using nwz-a860 bootloader (NW_WM_FW-nwza860-v1.UPG)

I also see the firmware update screen after running do_fw_upgrade command, but then system just reboots into OF.

And what command did you enter to install the bootloader?

Did you also install the Rockbox firmware?


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