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Slow UI playing wma (iPod Mini 2nd)

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Hi everyone soo i just install rockbox in my iPod mini 2gen everything was fine except when i go to play WMA so the problem is that the file plays perfectly fine but the system itself goes slow as hell like to put pause takes 5 seconds or more but later it works fast and later slow in a loop but just the system the file still plays a normal speed or when i go to the database it takes more than 6 seconds to load (i have the load on RAM database that teakes near a second) and to load a song its even worse the weird its when its fast and dosent struggles its just like parts when it does it

-If you ask i have a Transcend 8GB CF x133 on the iPod
-Sorry for my bad english i talk spanish as main

If regular WMA, that should be very fast so it shouldn't slow anything down. Does this file work ok:

It did work and play fine no slowdows only it taked a lil for database but it wasent that slow everything fast

Probably something wrong with the file then.

They are nothing wrong with them they are ripped CDs from WMP12 and they have all the info on it

cant be the info on the WMA affect? cause the wma_128 dosent has any


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