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Anyone have Original Firmware for an X30 / X60?


Or, even better, an ISO image of the CD or anything else related to firmware upgrades would be appreciated.  My X20 is working OK as is but I'm wondering if there are updates to this firmware that even Toshiba does not host anymore.

Also of note...I am assuming we cannot directly post any firmware links here but if anyone needs F series GBSYSTEM files (or what I have on my X20) PM me and I can create a share for that.

Maybe this is useful, but I just found this: from this site

That first link is very useful, thanks!  I guess the files are small enough that they can get cached that way.

More of a documentation area now, just in case there's anyone else out there that still uses this ancient player.

The reason behind my original ask was that the player I originally had was a "Kong" version of the X20.  The Gigabeat start / shutdown logo was of King Kong and the firmware showed up as a 1.001 JP version.  I wanted to find a way to eradicate those logos.

Recently two things changed for me.  First, I ended up buying an X30 with the standard firmware (1.000 JP), so the Kong20 is now a backup device.  Secondly, I learned about an old development tool here called "Gigabeat Flashwriter", probably last developed in 2012.  This was tested mainly on the F, but I managed to get this to compile and work on my X to make backups of both my devices.

And I did get it to actually work to erase and flash my Kong20, using the X30 backup bin file. 

Not for the faint of heart as honestly I figured I had a fair to moderate chance of bricking this thing, but amazingly I did not.  I did not attempt the fast RB bootloader though, not sure if I want to chance fate.   :)


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