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--- Quote from: johnb on March 17, 2019, 11:11:34 AM ---gomezz, you are wrong. Of course you need a patched bootloader to support the dualboot into RB/Original Firmware.
--- End quote ---
I am pretty sure I did not knowingly do anything to change the bootloader before copying .rockbox over and getting it to boot up.

Let me elaborate a bit to clarify situation (please refer to for additional info). Agptek first loads tiny bit of binary code (SPL) into cold cache which main role is to configure PLL (aka clocks) and RAM controller. Then it loads bootloader (uboot) into ram and passes control to it. Uboot loads linux kernel either from mtd2 or mtd3 (normal kernel or recovery kernel) and passes control to linux. If it is normal boot, kernel mounts UBIFS rootfs from mtd4, if it is recovery boot, kernel loads rootfs from concatenated to itself image. Kernel (both normal and recovery) calls init process (the parent of all processes). Init runs startup scripts to run various services and finally runs hiby player binary which presents GUI for the user.

Now after this lengthy introduction - we patch normal rootfs to call rockbox bootloader binary instead of hiby player binary. So from the technical point of view we DO NOT patch bootloader (uboot) and we do not touch recovery image. This makes all process pretty safe.

Is there a way I can remove Rockbox completely and then do fresh install? I tried to update to daily build and now I'm getting script error and while on Rockbox cannot connect to any Bluetooth.

Of course you cannot connect - rockbox does not support BT.


--- Quote from: wodz on June 12, 2019, 02:23:34 PM ---Of course you cannot connect - rockbox does not support BT.

--- End quote ---

Thank you this shows how newbie I am :) How can I update daily builds, do I use same update.upt I used before?


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