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--- Quote from: Frankenpod on March 08, 2019, 03:03:18 PM ---I might be misreading your 'tone', but you seem a mite over-defensive about it!  To be clear, I have no objection to the suggested change in behaviour.

--- End quote ---
Not at all. I just wanted to lay out my thinking on this as comprehensively as possible and possibly give you and others a chance to point out where I might be wrong or what other people's expectations are. While, at this point, I have a strong opinion towards changing the current behavior and would be lobbying for it (so to say), I'm interested in discussing the merits, pro/cons of either behavior and  wouldn't be opposed per se to have my opinion changed.

I wonder if earlier versions of rockbox (e.g. 3.13 or earlier) behaved like this?  I am not 100% sure it worked this (current) way when I first used rockbox.

Yeah, I don't know. Could be worth it to go back and check – maybe I'll do it later today.

3.14, 3.13, 3.12 and 3.0 all behave the same way on my hardware. So it looks like it's been that way  going back to 2008 at least. Whether it was originally intended that way (and for what reason) or simply a long-standing bug is up for debate I guess (unless somebody knows and can tell us about it), although maybe it doesn't matter too much when deciding how it should work today.

Hey, did this ever get "mainlined"?

Ironic in that it's not an issue I'm personally bothered about either way, but it seems as if a majority would prefer it to work chris_s's way, and as it's apparently a very small patch and there's talk of a new point release, maybe it could be included?


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