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iPod 5.5th generation stuck in Boot Loop


After months of working great, my iPod classic 5.5th gen began to act up, as in it crashed and would not turn on for a bit. It now does turn on, however basically what will happen is that the Apple logo will appear, then after a bit it will show the Rockbox logo as if it is going to load into rockbox, but it never does. movies download movies at forum

The hard drive is also making a strange rhythmic sound. It will then dim its screen on the rockbox logo, and if i touch a button it will light the screen back up. Sometimes it will then reset and do the whole process over again. I have tried getting it into Apple disk mode, and this is possible, but plugging it into my PC to format it is futile because it a) does not recognize it every time

and b) when it does, Windows Explorer will not let me right click to format it as a last resort, it will usually time out or even crash windows explorer. Really weird. Itunes wont recognize it either.

Same thing is happening to me but I am using SSDs. No clue what's wrong.


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