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iPod 6th Gen: Cannot revert to Rockbox


Hi all, first time poster.

I have been running Rockbox on my 6th Gen iPod for a few months. It has an iFlash quad card installed. Over Christmas I reverted to the OF and I'm now unable to reboot into Rockbox. I have wiped/reformatted the disk and re-installed the software. When using the utility, the option to install the bootloader is greyed out ("the selected player doesn't need a bootloader"). However rockbox.ipod is present in the .rockbox folder.

The iPod FAQ says to do a reset to revert to the Rockbox bootloader. Unfortunately the link to the Apple page explaining how to do this is a dead link, and none of the various resets I have tried, including the SELECT+LEFT diagnostic reset have helped.

I'm obviously being dumb here and would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.


If you removed the bootloader, you will need to reinstall it:

Otherwise if the bootloader is present a simple reboot from the OF will switch back to Rockbox.

Thanks. I was using the "general" Utility exe. Using the one from the link sorted things out and allowed me to re-install the bootloader.


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