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Can't load rockbox.ipod: File not found

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--- Code: ---Rockbox boot loader
Version: 1.0
Battery status ok
Loading Rockbox...
Can't load rockbox.ipod:
File not found
--- End code ---

Rockbox being working fine for several months using iQuad adaptor.

Suddenly just froze while playing from my desk so did hardware reboot and got the error above. I can reboot into OF and see the full capacity of the SD cards. But the only topics I can find about this error refer to not installing Rockbox properly whereas I did this successfully a long time ago.

Any ideas?

Those adapters tend to cause disk corruption, so try checking the disk for errors and then copying a new build over. Probably your file system got hosed.

In the future, try not to write to the disk in rockbox.

I have only written to the disk in OF. And I haven't touched the filesystem at all for months.

How do I "copy a new build over"? You mean not using the app?

(And are there any adaptors that work correctly?)

You can use the installer or just copy a downloaded build manually.

I don't know if there are any sd adapters that work reliably, certainly there are none with driver support committed.

Ah how annoying. I'm now on the road for 3 months away from my music collection. What's the best way to recover from this corruption? Simple reformat and install then Rockbox? Do I need to recover OF first?

Or can I simply delete the files and copy back over?


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