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Guys and Gals...  Need everyones help...

As the site grows and we get more and more "spammers" we are also getting more and more "reported post" emails...  today I received 8 emails for the same post.

Please do me, the other admins and mods a favor.  If you click the "report this post" button, please post a reply saying you did so.  This will alert others that the post is already reported.


while i understand the need for this, i dont think this is the best situation.
I would think adding more mods around the globe would be a better "fix" so the problems can be removed more quickly.

The reason i tinhk this is because you may start getting the situation where the post is reported, and then the reporter posts an inflamatory/rude reply which in turn gets reported and posted against etc, also its just more work to remove when the posts/thread does get deleted/closed.

(actually the best fix would be not allowing the same post to be reported more than once in the forum software, but thats beside the point.)

We won't have those problems if the reporter limits his or her response to "Reported."

Mr. Brownstone:
A couple of solutions:

1. If your email-client supports a threaded-view display (like Thunderbird does in the View menu), turn it on.

2. Add a field to the database to flag the thread once it has been reported, and check the flag before sending out another email.

Threaded view doesn't help, because the subject of the email depends on what the reporter types.

As Jeff said, just do it his way. When you report spam, then respond to the spam with a single message that says "Reported." If a better solution is implemented, you'll be told, and not have to do it anymore. But until such time, what Jeff says, goes. I woke up this morning with 8 emails that didn't get sorted into a threaded display all about a post that wasn't there anymore.


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