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IPOD (ALL MODELS) iFlash Adapter Issues [SOLVED!?]

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I have an iPod Mini 1G with a 512GB SD card and iFlash adapter.  Rockbox seems to work well except the battery life (with a brand new battery) is atrocious. Maybe 1.5 hours. I am running the daily build 230914.  Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

^^ Open it up and see what part is getting hot?

I noticed the back felt warm after transferring a lot of files with the OF and then playing them in Rockbox.  I would have to check if it gets warm during normal playback in Rockbox. I can say that battery run time in the OF seems normal.  Testing right now and at 2.5 hours and 60% full battery.

The battery run time in Rockbox was much better with the spinning hard drive before I converted to SD.

My assumption is the iFlash adapter is getting warm based on how the back of the case seems to be acting like a heat sink.

... are you using an actual iFlash board, or is it a generic knockoff?

What you're reporting is unusual; the mSATA-based flash adapters are known to be very power hungry but the SD-based ones should, if anything, lead to improved battery times.

That said, rockbox actually disables some of the ATA power management stuff because it's known to lead to data corruption on the the iFlash SD adapters -- the tl;dr is that they don't properly handling the ATA power management commands, leading to massive data corruption if we try to tell the device to go into a state where it's safe to kill power (and then kill power a couple of seconds after we're told it's ok to do so)

On my iPod Mini 1G: I started out with the generic one but that was completely unreliable so I switched to an actual iFlash branded adapter.  Now it is reliable but terrible with battery life.

I am seeing the same issue on an iPod photo using the same iFlash adapter / generic green 50 pin to CF converter board.


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