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IPOD (ALL MODELS) iFlash Adapter Issues [SOLVED!?]

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Good day everyone. I just bought an ipod classic 7th gen with an iflash quad 512gb. May i know if th3 rockbox is already stable on this kind of mod? Thank you in advance for th3 answers

Yes, it runs very well.

Well I am not sure if this is a iFlash adapter issue or just how I handle the ipod.  I have a classic 5th gen with iFlash solo with 256gb card.  When i let the battery go to the point that the ipod shuts off, and then recharge it, i start it back up, but it starts in the ipod firmware instead of rockbox.   I have found if i reinstall the bootloader it then boots to rockbox.  Has anyone found a work around for this issue?  Not sure what buttons i hit when i reboot, but I believe the hold slider is off and i may or may not have bumped the play/pause button before pressing the menu button.  I have the latest daily build as of 7/6/2023 on the unit as I added music yesterday and it rebooted in the ipod screen instead of rockbox. 

Love this firmware and i want to continue using it, however i do not want to have to reinstall the bootloader everytime i recharge or add music.

Thank in advance for any help you can provide!

well I think i may have found a reply to my question, i am going to try making sure the hold button is not on when i disconnect from the pc and or finish charging. 

Has anyone used a Samsung    EVO Select (Blue) UHS-I (U3) A2 V30 128gb card with iflash SD-CF Adapter in an ipod mini 2nd gen successfully?  I know the 256 and 512 are supposed to be compatable, but I think that the mini will only go up to 128, and I think that is plenty of space for the songs/albums I have. 

Thanks for your help and keep up this great product!!!


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