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IPOD (ALL MODELS) iFlash Adapter Issues [SOLVED!?]

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--- Quote from: komarto on February 04, 2024, 03:37:36 PM ---Hi,

First-time poster, Long time lurker  8)

I have read so many posts and encountered so much contradictive information I am lost.

I have a 7 gen classic (MC293LL) with a mSata flash (zif ide -> msata &  msata -> sd )mod that after many trials and errors understood it does not work,
I get error -2147483605 on boot. I gave up on that adapter.

Now I want to buy the iFlash SOLO I read this thread and others but could not find recent evidence this combo works.

Is there anyone here with a 7th gen (160gb) and iFlash solo that managed to load rockbox?

Thanks in advance.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, built loads of them - mostly the quad adaptor though, but a few solo ones also.

  It's not always plain-sailing, quite a few 'just worked' first time with no issues at all, others required repeated reformatting and restoring and trying again (and rebooting the PC and killing and restarting iTunes, etc), and I really don't know why.  The restoring-with-iTunes and installing-RB process can go wrong in a vast variety of different ways (those infernal uninformative iTunes error codes, or 'cannot be restored an unknown error has occured', or the never-ending restored/'needs restoring' loop, or it restoring but coming out with a weird capacity that doesn't match the actual card, etc...), and I've never gotten to the bottom of what the underlying cause was in each case.

  (With the quad and dual ones I've found sometimes it seems that certain cards just refuse to work together in the same ipod but work perfectly well once separated and used in different devices, again, no idea what's going on there).

Once working they seem pretty reliable. Though, dropping modded ipods can cause problems - the drive cable or the battery cable can fracture or come out of the socket.  Plus those third-party batteries sometimes die on you.

Thank you, Just ordered the iFlash SOLO. I will update here once I get it.

You do mean the _slim_ 160gb model, I hope?  i.e. firmware 2.0.4 or 2.0.5?
(The fat 160gb model is 6th gen and I wouldn't recommend using that model)

I have a 7th Gen with a 256gb MSATA SSD fitted.

Is there any Rockbox build solution for this combination?
I bought the iPod already built to run FLAC music files in RB but can't seem to get it running.
I can run the installer with the daily build however get an ATA error on start up.

The more I research, the more it seems like there may be no options for a 7th gen with MSATA. Please someone tell me I'm wrong......


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