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Creative ZEN X-Fi2 DVP-FL0012 installation failure



I received an old ZEN X-Fi 2 from a friend. Didn't like the old looking interface. I remembered Rockbox so I figured I'd give it a try.
So I went trough the steps required to install Rockbox using Windows (the NAND version).
Everything seemed to go well, but no Rockbox boot screen for me. Just de text based screens indicating USB mode and temperature etc.

So I figured I screwed something up. I looked at the recovery procedure. I never use Linux but I like a challenge!
Using virtualbox I was able to run Ubuntu and follow all the steps. Needed to get an older version via git (never used git before, so that was interesting) as the latest did not have the -w option for mkimxboot as explained in the steps.
Learned some new stuff getting the tools to compile :)

Anyhow, in the final step I wasn't able to transfer the firmware to the device as it couldn't detect it. I figured it might have something to do with virtualbox (it wasn't capturing the USB devices).
I noticed there should be a windows version of sb_loader, which I found. But it also did not find the HID device.

The firmware tool from creative also doesn't find the ZEN. In what mode does it need to be in for the tools to see it?

Later on I found that if I hold the front and power button I get the original interface. But it disappears the moment I plug in the USB connector.
It mentions that it's version 1234.5678.9012.
Also got the recovery? mode by holding the front button and tapping the power. But cleaning and formatting doesn't help.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?....Mr. Pouly?

Kind regards,


--- Quote ---Just de text based screens indicating USB mode and temperature etc.
--- End quote ---
The text based screens mean you already successfully installed the Rockbox bootloader, you just need to copy the Rockbox build (unzip it first) over to the player, just drag and drop and reboot.

Builds are here:-

Thanks a million cela, that did the trick!

Feel kind of silly now :P

The X-Fi2 page doesn't mention the extra files needed. In hind site it seems logical.
The player doesn't have a manual but looking at another manual now I see it is also mentioned.

O well...

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


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