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"Advanced Key Lock" feature on Sansa e200v2, v3.14 ?

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It could be added to a custom build as long as you had a key free to assign to it but I'd be unwilling to add it to the mainline

This Build should work for you.
Rename your old .rockbox folder to .rockbox.old just in case...
Then copy the new .rockbox folder from the zip to the root of your drive

I set the hold key as 'Select' + 'Right' and I'd assume your 'old' hold switch will still lock out the keys but no clue

it only works in the wps screen if the menu is showing now it should work but I can try to look a bit deeper into it

I tried both again, with that in mind - being careful that I was in
WPS when pressing the "hold" key.  Same results.

Ok I got it to work with Select + Right see the first post for the link

Turns out the key map for the sansae200v2 doesn't fall through to the Standard Context
which is where I put the keylock so instead I placed it in the WPS context map and
tested it in the sim.

Again let me know if it doesn't work but I'm pretty confident it will.


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