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"Advanced Key Lock" feature on Sansa e200v2, v3.14 ?

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I've tried it out a bit, and it works like a champ!  Thanks!
Some questions:
 - What is an example of a player that has the software lock fully implemented?
     I would like to see what the manual says about it.
 - What base version (dev build?) is this custom build based on?
 - What is wrong with this shortcut entry?  It doesn't even show up
     in the menu:
type: setting
data: Advanced Lock Key   
name: Adv-Lock-Key     

And a request:
 - Would it be possible to build a custom version like this for the
     "Sansa e200" (ie v1)? - yes, I have one of those also.

Thanks again for all of this.

Sansa Fuze+ was the player that prompted the feature so look there it'll have all the manual entries for the soft lock but I doubt it'll tell you any more than you know already

You can't set a menu to a shortcut only a setting and tbh I thought I disabled them but you can set enabled (within the Advanced Keylock menu) to the shortcut menu for the time being
But I'll eventually disable that as well.. (the underlying reason is that it uses a custom menu to do the key masks)

The build is made from the latest Dev version as of the date I made it.

It is possible to do the same for any player I'll put a patch up on gerrit and you should be able to replicate it for any player if you so desire


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