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"Advanced Key Lock" feature on Sansa e200v2, v3.14 ?

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I just installed Rockbox 3.14 on my Sansa e280-v2  ("e200v2 Series").
I see from the Manual, section "8.5.7 Advanced Key Lock" describes
a menu in the screen:   Settings -> General Settings -> System .
But it is NOT THERE, (and nowhere else that I could find).

What am I missing?


does your device have a physical lock button?

If your device has a physical hold switch then advanced keylock shouldn't be activated, apparently the device knows this but the manual does not


--- Quote from: Bilgus on October 31, 2018, 06:21:50 PM ---does your device have a physical lock button?
--- End quote ---
Yes, there is a slide switch called Hold in the diagram.
From p20 of the manual:
"on the top, there is ... the Hold switch. Moving this switch to the right
activates hold mode in which none of the other buttons have any effect."

But now I'm confused.  I just noticed that the section
"8.5.7 Advanced Key Lock"  on p74, it refers to
"the key lock (software hold switch)".
But I can't find anything else in the manual about a software hold switch.

I found the issue thanks for bringing it up

Just another thought:
Would it be possible to add the software hold switch features to this device
even though it has a hardware switch?  I would gladly sacrifice the
use of the slide switch, since it is so drastic,  I don't recall
ever using it (except for a few times trying it out) in the
10+ years I have had this device.


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