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Issue with 6.5g iPod Classic


Device is: iPod Classic 6.5 gen model is MB565

I've been attempting many different installations and so far none have worked, the closest I've gotten to a complete installation was after using the Rockbox Utility 1.4. Used the default settings for the iPod Classic 6.0 and the installation seemed to go off without a hitch, but on reboot the iPod still only loads the original OS.

Upon checking the iPod on Windows Explorer I see that the .rockbox folder has indeed been created inside the iPod, but it doesn't boot:

Please advise, I have tried plenty a ways already and this one is the closest I've had to working.


Ok I realized I was doing the installation wrong, but now when I finish installing the image the remount fails, I can see Rockbox on the iPod now but for some reason on my computer it tries to force me to format a really small ~190 partition whenever I remount and I don't entirely understand what's going on.

OK I got good news Rockbox is working on the 6.5g with no problems other than the fact that Windows keeps telling me to format the 190~ MB partition and I have no clue how to get rid of that, but the iPod folder/rockbox functionality is working as good as it should.

I also installed Rockbox on a 5g today with no problems at all, didn't even attempt to create another partition it just went off without a hitch.


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