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iPod Classic 3rd Gen Internal Clicker is unsuported by current RB build

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Hello everyone Im new to rockbox! Im using this on my modded ipod classic 3rd gen. The only issue I have noticed on my device thus far is the internal speaker clicker is unsupported. It works with the apple OS installed but not with rockbox. Its a bit nitpicky but im just a weirdo like that.

It is supported, actually. Look under Settings > General Settings > System > Keyclick > Speaker Keyclick.

Hm weird. I am only seeing just a “keyclick” option with only on and off. Its probably a user issue since I broke one of the pins on the internal audio cable. Haha.

Sorry to resurrect this, but I've just installed 3.15 on my 3rd gen and I see no option for "Speaker Keyclick" any ideas?

I know this is literally the most trivial bug, but it's also missing on my 3rd Gen.

I noticed that in the source 3G config file, there was no "HAVE_HARDWARE_CLICK" defined. I added this, but it failed to compile. I included piezo.c and got it to compile, and the speaker keyclick option is now on the iPod, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

This is above my skill set I'm afraid.


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