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Songs corrupting when I transfer

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I've been using my iPod to drag n drop music onto my iPod Video 5.5G. Sometimes they will corrupt by skipping at random points of the song (think of it like a needle skipping on a record) or temporarily play parts of other song files on my iPod. Sometimes the tags will be partially or completely missing. What is happening?

I can work around it by using an SD card USB reader type thing. If I transfer them to the SD card while it's not being used by the iPod, the songs work fine. Downside is it requires me to take apart my iPod every time I want to transfer music and it's only a short term solution because I want to add multiple SD cards soon.

Has this happened before? What would be causing this? I can elaborate more if need be. Thanks.

I have an iPod 5.5G with a iFlash Quad and a 400GB micro SD card installed.

Transfer using OF mode.
(This really ought to be in a faq somewhere, it comes up over-and-over again).

Is that disk mode? Sorry.

Thanks for the help!

I just ran into this problem after installing the iFlash Quad into my iPod 5.5g.  I was confused what "OF" meant.  I figured out it means rebooting your iPod and quickly locking the lock switch so it boots into the iPod's Original Firmware.  When it's done rebooting iTunes will load, if you have it installed.  You can immediately quit iTunes.  Double click the iPod and find your music folder.  Now transfer over your music using drag-and-drop.  Once you're done, unlock the lock switch and once again reboot your iPod.  It'll now load into Rockbox and your newly transferred music will play without skipping.


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