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What is the best, least expensive SSD for Iriver iHP-140 as of 2018?



Reading other posts I know that I can replace the HDD of a iHP-140 with a SSD. I'm posting a new one just because the newest post I found was from 2015. I'm not looking for size, as long as the storage is larger than 40 Gb that will be fine. What I'm looking is for lowest price and compatibility.

So, as of today what is the best SSD option with that criteria?

Please advise.

Now I see I posted this on the wrong sub-forum.

Can a sysop move it to the [Third Party\Repairing and Upgrading Rockbox Capable Players] subforum?

Hey I really need some guidance here. Your comments will be really appreciated.

I keep reading old posts trying to figure out the options that I have and so far I have learned that technology of early 2000's DAP is old by technology standards and hard to work with. Obtaining compatible modern replacements to make them work is not an easy task. I have been strongly advise and warned against installing a flash or solid state storage device on an old platform such as the iRiver iHP-140. In such a case the alternative is to install a standard platter mechanical disk. In my case I can go with a Toshiba HDD like this one: Is "inexpensive" compared to a flash/ssd storage of the same capacity and should be an easy plug and play installation.

The reason I want a non mechanical storage is because, in my opinion, the iHP-140 is a decent recording platform and I use it for long recording sessions. From time to time I get the noise of the HDD recorded. So, my non-mechanical storage options are these:

* A Compact flash memory card like this one:, with a 50pin adapter like this one:
* A 1.8" ZIF SSD like this one:, with a 40pin ZIF to 50 pin adapter like this one:
* 1.8" 50 pin SSD drives are no longer manufactured an for all practical purposes impossible to find.
Ok now I have some questions:

* Can someone please confirm that those flash/SSD are valid options? Specifically the brands and models listed. If they are not, then what parts do you recommend? Are there others beter options of same capacity/cost?
* I have read people trying to install 120Gb, 256Gb drives. Compared to that I'm not installing a large storage, Do I still have to flash the bootloader with 7pre4? Doing that really scares me because I don't want to "brick" the unit.
* I'm totally lost with the proper procedure for the replacement. The original HDD on my unit is still working but with problems, it is still booting but it take a really long time due to HDD errors. How do I transfer the firmware to the new drive? I was able to copy all the files so I just plug the new drive, format it FAT32, copy the files back, Is that right?

This is an interesting topic. I bought some Kingspec-SSDs (120GB) that aren't available any more. Then, I looked for another possibility to extend the storage capabilities. I am wondering to which max it could be driven to (128GB? 256GB 512GB?). To test this I ordered a 256GB CF card for the use in a CF-to-4,6cmHDD-Adapter. That is also not available any more.
I am curious to test it when it arrives.


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