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thanks for the port, and the firmware installs and works well enough, but there is no sound on the 'line out' socket

the orig firmware has a setting "LOvolume" but there is no equivalent in the Rockbox port, and I am not sure if it is a volume issue or if the line out socket is just not getting signal

...fwiw the line out socket works fine in the X3, does anyone have it working on the X3ii ?



Can or does rockbox for x3II, support:

* USB HOST to a external usb dac?
* 2rd Line out jack
* DoP or D2P?
* USB HOST of a usb storage device (usb flash drive, usb micro sd card reader)?I believe rockbox does not support bluetooth?
Apparently sd cards bigger than 256gb work? like 512GB but does the hw suport upto 2tb? Like the Fiio M3K?
Thanks muchly

1. NO
2. Yes. Autodetected upon start.
3. NO. No DSD support.
4. NO. SD Card only.

Hi XVortex,

can you please change this port to host the .rockbox directory on the sdcard instead of internal flash?

I saw that you passed the git repo to wodz. I would like to update keymap etc. and compile myself, but as long as a new build requires flashing instead of replacing files on the SD, I don't feel confident doing this.

Thanks for considering this.

Recent rockbox version (1c8c71f-190907, on my site) has improved update procedure:
Put your new content into the .rockbox folder on your sd card then boot into the Bootloader, choose Tools -> Update Rockbox....  that's it
Also in this version:
Rockbox sample rate limitation (44.1KHz) has been removed!
  Now we can play files with native sample rate up to 192KHz.
  (Go to Settings -> Playback settings -> Frequency and choose Automatic).


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