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Hi, is there rockbox firmware for this player?

Has anybody tried it? Anything not working?

They several Xduoo mp3 players at my local retail store Frys Electronics including X3 II.

I contacted xVortex and he replied that he is coauthor of XDuoo X3 II and XDuoo X20 ports. He promised to return patches once they finish active development stage so thumb crossed.

Just to get you updated. I've got patch for x3II and X20 with permission to merge it upstream. My time is limited but I'll do my best.


I plan to merge this upstream when I find some free time.

I'm giving this a shot in just 40 minutes once my music backs up completely to my HDD.

First the software update here:
Then the rockbox install file here:

Supposedly (based on comments on the same site here:

It is provided by the company itself?

nRoof September 22, 2018   @ 10:52 am

Can you please provide source code of this firmware (or a link to it, if it’s hosted somewhere else)? I wasn’t able to find it. Rockbox is GNU GPLv2 licensed, and the license requires that the source code should be publicly available.

   xtenik September 23, 2018   @ 4:37 am

I checked with Xduoo company, but they cannot provide it.

   nRoof October 1, 2018   @ 11:29 pm

Are you sure they responded that about the Rockbox port and not about their stock firmware?

Can you please provide the details on where did you get this Rockbox firmware? Do you know who ported Rockbox to this DAP and how to contact them?

I want to remind that it’s a copyright infringement to not provide source code of publicly released binaries of modified code that is GPL licensed (Rockbox in this case).

   xtenik October 2, 2018   @ 9:41 am

Yes, we are sure this is the rockbox for the Xduoo X3 II.

The rockbox was shared by Xduoo company directly, and according Xduoo company saying, it is developed by a Russian audiophile. But Xduoo didn’t provide the contact detail to us.

We shared the rockbox on download center is just to let the audiophile to download it more conveniently, if the original developer don’t allow this, please contact us via the contact form. We will remove it. Thanks.

Here is the source code, apparently:


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