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How do I get Rockbox to play my lossless files

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Howdee-I just installed Rockbox. I suppose my answer is in the Twiki?but it's down. How do I get Rockbox to play my 2,400 Apple Lossless songs on my 4th Gen. 60GB ipod photo?

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It won't.  However, FLAC and SHN play on-the-fly.  In fact, I would say that FLAC playback is quite excellent.

It's times like this that I feel a little sorry for all the people that have invested so much time into WMP and iTunes and their respective proprietary formats....

Actually, ALAC should be supported.


--- Quote from: Llorean on July 12, 2006, 02:08:01 PM ---Actually, ALAC should be supported.

--- End quote ---

From what I understand, ALAC, while definitely supported, is currently a bit shaky and may not be able to play all ALAC files.


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