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Ipod 4G Photo msata upgrate issues


Hi all,

I recently acquired an old Ipod 4G Photo and installed an iFlash msata adapter and 256GB Samsung EVO860. The Apple firmware updated without issue (formatted Fat32 in linux, restored on Windows 10 in a virtual machine). Using Rockbox utility on Linux neither the stable build or the nightly build will give me a working rockbox instance.

Stable release 3.14 gives me either a  ATA error -11 or -32
The Developer build (d64ff86) says no partition is found. - This seems odd as both the Apple firmware and my computer see the partition.

Looking around I found this patch:
Which says it might help. After fiuring out how to compile and patch ROCKBOX LOADS, but after any menu selection freezes and required a Menu+Select reboot.
I patched both the most recent github and the stable final 3.14 version of source with the same effects.

Now the question are:
Do I need to patch the bootloader as well? (I saw that option while building)
If so how do I install a patched bootloader?
Anybody have any other insight? I love rockbox, because I hate Apples DB solution.



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