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Hi everybody,

I did some research work at my Shanling M2s device.
Find my results at the Wiki at

Here some summaries:
It is possible to unpack and repack the original firmware update.upt and it's including ubifs system partition - either by some linux python tools or by some tools provided by Shanling (actually to do some theme tweaking) under Windows.

I unpacked the firmware and compared it with the one from AGPtEK Rocker - they are very very similar (although the hardware is different).
It boots a small Linux, starts a so called "System server" as abstraction layer to the hardware and then starts a "hiby_player" which communicates with this server.

I injected some special init scripts with which I'm able to continue work just by putting scripts and files on the SD card.

I used wodz rockbox fork for the AGPtEK Rocker, did some initial tweaking for the much different resolution (480x800), compiled the beast and put it on my device.
Then I tweaked another script that it loads the rb_bootloader from my SD device instead of the default hiby_player and restarted the device...

Starting with Shanling's boot logo...

Switching to Rockbox Bootloader

Which loads Rockbox...

Here's the final menu after Rockbox loaded:


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