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Troubleshooting "from all angles" - iPod Classic 6g with microSD cards

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Wow, OK! It IS a "thick" iPod Classic 6g.

1. What's the "magic" difference between "thick" and "slim" that makes the slim version accept dual boot? Is it a newer version logic board?

2. If so, IF I replaced logic boards, making my iPod a de facto "slim" one, would being able to dual boot solve file transfer hiccups (if using Apple Disk mode to do so), or not?

Thanks for your input, by the way, it's extremely useful :)

Ata driver probably needs to be updated to setup those SD adapters differently. That or maybe they expect the driver to behave exactly like the apple one and don't work correctly otherwise.

Is this something I could do myself? I've learned how to re-flash the original Apple firmware using this manual:

I'm guessing updating ATA drivers on the iPod is a similar procedure? I'll go investigate in the meantime.

Never mind, I think you meant the ATA drivers would have to be updated in the bootloader or Rockbox. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet.

But, still, do you know if "thick/slim" is a function of what logic board is in the iPod? And, if so, would updating the logic board (i.e. making it a "slim" version) solve the problem?

All iPods can dual boot, but not all devices support more than 128GB disks in the apple firmware, so if you put more than 128GB storage only some devices will work with it in the apple firmware.

Exactly! That's why I prefer NOT to use dual boot, because I want to use more than just 128gb.

I'm assuming that if I set up the iPod with iTunes (= 1 partition of 128gb + "empty" partition), I won't be able to - later on - resize the partition, because then iTunes won't recognize the drive, and using Apple Disk Mode to transfer files onto the iPod won't work anymore, correct?

Does anyone else know if the difference between "slim" and "thick" versions of iPod Classic 6g lies in the type of logic board it has? I've found out the 6g has (at least) two logic boards available.

a) 820-2168-A
b) 820-2437-A

I'm kinda hoping the latter is an "upgrade/update" to the first one, and capable of dual booting and holding more than 128gb capacity.

Coincidentally, the logic board listed for the 7th gen iPod Classic has the same serial number (820-2437-A). Could that imply that it IS an upgrade of the other one, and that I COULD use it in my iPod to address more than 128gb of storage?

The best page about iPod Classic specs I could find is Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my question about logic boards :(


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