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iPod 4G (Photo) *PANIC* issues


Hi all,

My iPod 4G (Photo) keeps getting an error on Rockbox -

*PANIC* DC writeback_call back () - Could not write sector 80326 (error -4).

The only way to fix at this point is to pull the battery. After this its fine again for a while until it freezes again. Just as a side note for what ever reason the Menu + play/pause button apple reset does nothing even before rockbox so no idea what thats about, the screen flickers but the apple symbol never appears, I tried every combination to make sure I wasn't going mad but I have no way to hardboot.

Anyway, I'm now unsure as to whats at fault. As a background I do have a CF card reader and SD card which I suspect may be the problem but I can't be sure as I got a similar issue with the original HDD, guess I just need someone to decode what the error is stating but I'm guessing it must be the card or reader?

Appreciate the help!

*EDIT* I have been testing the iPod without Rockbox and its working flawlessly so looks like Rockbox doesnt like something. Back to the error, it seems to appear after trying to play a song when one is already playing...

I have similar issues with my iPod mini. I use the iFlash SD-CF adapter. OF works fine, but selecting a file using Rockbox results in PANIC. Tried version 3.14 and current builds.

I get the exact same error with an iPod 4g, grayscale model. I have an iflash quad installed, which combined 4 micro  SD cards into a single storage device.
when building the database, when the process reaches Committing 6/9, it crashes with the exact error as the OP.


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