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bluetooth remote control support for rockbox players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If two Devs tell you it isn't possible then you can be pretty sure that it is not possible.
Off the top of my head

First would be the Bluetooth protocol in use I know mobile phones support a subset of AT modem commands for simple control
through the AVRCP protocol

However I'm not sure what is most common in players probably the GAVDP protocol  and I don't think it supports two way communication
at the very least you have to flip the source and sink which just complicates matters more not to mention how the sink implements the commands

Finally there are not many players that support Bluetooth so the effort versus reward is a pretty small

But as always if you would like to do the work no one is stopping you.

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile

The device providing the music

The device playing the music

Not sure I see the need for this anyway.  If the player is in your hand and is connected to the sound system using Bluetooth then there are no extra cables all over the place.

1. the power supply - again acable

2. bluetooth for high-res - i dont think so..

its too sad. unfortunatly i dont know the first thing for working on it..

but still, this must be a conspiracy to NOT give us what we are used to have had and actually still need, maybe more than ever. this should be made into a political issue .. ,I-

hmm, schade!



--- Quote from: mookee on February 11, 2018, 05:32:23 AM ---cn you in 2-3 short sentences explain why? (without spezial language if possible)

--- End quote ---

Most devices don't have the hardware. On the ones that do have the hardware, nobody has expressed interest in supporting it.

just buy wired headphones that have a remote inline. i believe that actually works.


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