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start/stop sleep timer - add to quick menu / as shortcut?



i have an Sony NWZ-A10 MP3 Player with the Linux Rockbox port.
I want to add the "start sleep timer" and/or "stop sleep timer" (in settings/general settings/startup, shutdown) in the quickmenu or as a shortcut.

When i press long select when i am over this option there is no new screen which allows me to so set this as quick menu. With other options it works fine to set this as an option in the quick menu but not for this one. Is it possible to set this in the quick menu?

Or shortcut:
Is there a way to make a shortcut for "start sleep timer" and/or "stop sleep timer" in the main menu? This is an option which i use very very often and dont want to go through all the menu each time.

Or (if both is not possible):
Maybe i can make an shortcut for the whole "settings/general settings/startup, shutdown" menu in the start menu.


You can't add an option for starting the Sleep Timer to the QuickMenu as far as I'm aware. To  add it to the Shortcuts menu, edit your shortcuts.txt to include these entries, for example:

--- Code: ---[shortcut]
type: time
data: sleep 10
name: Sleep in 10

type: time
data: sleep 20
name: Sleep in 20

type: time
data: sleep 0
name: Disable Sleep Timer
--- End code ---

Thank you @chris_s this works perfect for me!  ;D


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