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lord julius:
No solution, but I can confirm that the problem exists. After a long and
happy time time with the original firmware, I tried installing rockbox.
I followed the instructions in the wiki, tried it with two firmwares and
three rockbox distributions, read the posts on misticriver and here, and
still get the same error as bobo22. .rockbox is there, but the bootloader
says it is not. I have recently reformatted and checked my HD, so I do
not think it's a file system problem.
Any news on that? Otherwise, it was the start and end of my rockbox
experience on the same day :'(


--- Quote from: Jillorious on August 10, 2006, 12:56:53 PM ---
--- Quote from: bobo22 on July 10, 2006, 11:17:49 AM ---I tried to install rockbox on my H320 playerr with no success..
each time I start the player, it says that the .rockbox directory is not found and the installation is incomplete.

However I do have .rockbox and rockbox.iriver on my player

I patched my firmware (1.29K) with fwpatcher

--- End quote ---
  are you sure you used a non-us version of the original iriver firmware? It dosn't work with the up one.

--- End quote ---
First, PLEASE proofread your posts, so that people don't have to sit here and try to puzzle out what you mean by "up one."

Second, his problem is clearly not use of U.S. firmware for patching.  Aside from the fact that he expressly said that he used 1.29K, the fwpatcher would not have worked with the U.S. version of the firmware, so he would not have gotten as far as he did.


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