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cmdpod (command line podcatcher)


Mike Sanders:
Hi folks, just quick heads up for those who enjoy the command line + listen to podcasts.

Here's a blurb...

'Cmdpod (command pod) is a command line podcatcher that plays, downloads and streams your favorite podcast feeds. Written in classic Bourne shell script, cmdpod happily runs under most operating systems including: BSD, Linux, OSX and Busybox for Windows.'


Web page...

Rationale at a glance...

* Cross platform/OS agnostic use
* A lite-weight -scriptable- podcatcher
* Feed files based on the current day of the week: friday.cpx, saturday.cpx, etc...
* Sources included to extend & customize
* No fuss
Again, its a very much a tool best suited to command line user's, so you'll need to be comfortable in that domain to benefit from its use.

Welp, back to the grind for me - work hard & make your mother proud!  8)

EDIT: Updated graphic

the links dead, website is now tinybase with no mention of cmdpod. :(


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