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6th Gen, ipod build gone a bit wrong (noob done a stupid).


Hi All

Noob here. I dug my old Ipod Classic out last night to try and resurrect it mainly for use in the car. Its an old 80Gb 6th gen (MB029) with a very poor battery and I recall it requiring far to regular restores when last used in anger (its well battle scared). My intention is to swap out the drive for a flash based replacement (iFlash quad has been ordered), but to take full advantage it would be nice to use rockbox to 1) remove the 128Gb limit to the file system and 2) my music library is in flac, I'd rather not have to transcode it (back) into ALLC.

SO I got it to accept some charge and then boot into the apple OS, all looked good, the battery was over 4v but would last barely 5 minutes before bombing out.
I installed rockbox using the links from the iFlash site, all went well and it worked. But then I realised that the command protocol is not included so my car headunit cannot talk to it or my ipod dock. At this point I decided to revert to the Apple OS, and I had the battery die and I could not get the unit to boot again. Being 3 am I started making stupid decisions, I plugged the unit back into my laptop and iTunes got hold of it telling me I need to restore the ipod. I click ok and now have an ipod that starts to boot into rockbox but cannot see anything on the drive, so just goes into the USB mode and no further. I can see the hardrive and its blank on my PC. The rockbox installer cannot see the drive to mount to for reinstalling or uninstalling rockbox.

So I've done a stoopid, can anyone advise on how to get back from here. I plan on a new battery and the iFlash + micro SD in there, just need to recover the firmware funk up!


Please :)

If the bootloader is still installed, you can either copy a rockbox install back to the disk, or just uninstall the bootloader so that it defaults to the apple firmware without a button press.


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