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UPDATED: iRock WPS for iPod 5G

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Sweet Spot:
Hi Gaston, very nice theme. I really like the brightness and colour scheme/icons. A few details I'd like to note for you however:

I can only get the time to display on the 24 hour format, no matter how I actually set it. Both 24 and 12 hour display 24 hour format.

Secondly, I really like seeing what my volume is (neumerically) as well as how much battery time is left. But the only way I can get those items to display, is by putting the unit on hold, but then the light goes out, so it's redundant.

Thirdly, and a VERY small gripe, rather than the playlist count saying 3 on 49, I think it should say 3 OF 49 or 3 OUT OF 49. 

Nice stuff.

hi SweetSpot

1) i don't understand why setting does nor act on clock format ; and the WIKI is currently down, so i can't check if there is a specific writing for that, sorry

2) 3)

%m|25|316|%?mh<%xdH%xdo%xdp%xds%al %pvdB%ar%bl%% (-%bt) |%xdr%xdq%al%ce/m/yc      %cH:M:Sc%ar%pp on %pe >

%m|27|316|%?mh<%xdH%xdr%xdq%al%ce/m/yc      %cH:M:Sc%ar%pp OF %pe |%xdo%xdp%xds%al %pvdB%ar%bl%% (-%bt) >
this will invert the displays (w/ HOLD = calendar, clock & playlist ; w/o HOLD, vol + battery info)
and your OF vs. on display
i could see that there is still the top of the battery icon which is visible...

I would like to know the font size in this wps because none of my unicode fonts fit  :( so im looking for a font that displays japanese for this wps...

Also it would be cool if the date/time & the battery info could swich automatically like every 2 seconds, insted of when the hold is put on.

Otherwise its a very nice wps, i even customized the background of the player beause i dont use album art and white is plain.

the font used for iRock is delivered in the zip
i don't know about unicode...

personally, i designed iRock first for my H340, but got bored of the blinking display of info every 2 sec... that's why i prefer to have permanently displayed the date, clock and list, and if necessary to have accurate vol. and batt. info by switching HOLD on.
that's my point of view, you can modify the .wps as you wish

Wow, that is an amazing THEME!!! Great design and provides enuff information. I really like it alot keep it up.

Take Care,

P.S Thanks for the new iPod 5g Video Theme it's been awhile since there has been a new theme.


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