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UPDATED: iRock WPS for iPod 5G

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hi all, here is my little contribution to Rockbox for iPod:

iRock WPS for iPod 5G

update here

- displays 100x100 cover art when available, takes full screen width for text only if CA not available (Thanks to MrMec)
- date, clock and playlist info + icons become accurate volume and battery info + icons when HOLD button is ON
- colored volume scale
- animated battery icon when under charging
- HDD activity virtual LED

enjoy, and give me feedback !

thanks to LuiSiLLo for image hosting address

it seems that it is not possible to upload screendumps from my c:\:-\

can someone give me a site address where to upload the two screenshots of my irock WPS ?

Maybe here?

done with, it works, thany you !

Ce WPS me manquait comme j'ai changé de lecteur mp3 (h300-> ipod ;D)
I simply love it!  :o


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